Four Oaks Place - Food Truck Extravaganza



Gourmet food trucks will be making an appearance at 1300 Post Oak Boulevard.

Enjoy your lunch under the trees with plenty of seating space. Entertainment is also available when weather permits.

Scheduled Vendors

The schedule for November 21, 2019, from 11a - 2p:

*Menus can change, remember to check at the vendor for any updates or specials being offered.

(H-Halal options, V-Vegetarian options, P-Vegan) 


  • Garden of Eat'n, American/Southern, Menu (V, P)
  • Rich Boy Po Boy, American/Southern, Menu (V)
  • Tu Go Kitchen, Asian
  • Rolling Republic BBQ, BBQ, Menu
  • El Guajillo, Authentic Mexican, Menu
  • Pho-Jita, Thai/Mexican, Menu (V)
  • Foreign Policy, International, Menu
  • Chicago's Fried Chicken, American/Fried Chicken, Menu
  • Kabob Café on Wheels, Persian/Mediterranean, Menu (H)
  • Snow and Spoon, Shaved Ice Cream, Menu


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Pre/Group Orders

To place your pre-order or group order, download the sheet, complete and submit to by 5pm before the scheduled service date.  

Special Requests

For any special requests, please complete the form

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Catering or group ordering

Need to request a special or group order from a vendor?

Send an email to MCS to facilitate your request with a vendor.

Submit the vendor, date and time needed, and your group order details.

Please submit at least 24 hours before scheduled service.