MCS provides mobile cuisine vendors for a variety of locations and events.

Become a vendor

It’s easy to participate with MCS scheduling, here’s a few bits of information that are needed:

  • Menu (PDF format)
  • Permits held
  • Cuisine offered
  • Dimensions and details of your vehicle
  • A private Slack network for use for mobile cuisine owners only, guide is here.

Send this information to info@mobilecuisineservices.com. You’ll receive an invitation to join the food truck network we use on Slack and meet fellow mobile cuisine operators in the area!

Request Vendors

Commercial Properties
There are a few details that need to be reviewed before vendors can be selected for your property:

  • Address
  • Number of tenants/residents/population
  • Parking location, must provide a safe and adequate space for customers and vendor(s), including rest room access
  • Insurance requirements
  • Schedule (monthly, weekly, daily) and hours of operation (lunch or dinner)
  • Most locations will have a dedicated page on this site for publication and distribution. See the Location menu for current properties.

Or use the form below!

We’re all about community! We’ll be glad to help you develop yours with food truck events featuring great mobile cuisine vendors!

Here’s what we will need:

  • Address
  • Population of community
  • Parking location, including rest room access
  • Schedule (monthly, weekly) and times (lunch, dinner)

Events & Catering
Need some help finding some great food options for your event? Contact us at info@mobilecuisineservices.com to see what we can do to help bring some tasty options for your fun event!


American Lobster and Seafood, Seafood, Menu, phone ordering 281-964-5059

Araguaney, Latin, Menu

Banh Milicious, Vietnamese, Menu

Black Market Burritos, Latin, Menu

Chalu’s Wings, American/Wings, Menu

Churrasco To Go, Brazilian, Menu

CMC Backyard BBQ, BBQ

Coffee Q – Smoked Meats & Coffee Specialties, Coffee/American, Menu [N]

Cousins Maine Lobster, Seafood, Menu

Curbside Sliderz Katy, American/Burgers, Menu

Dojo Hibachi, Asian, Menu

El Guajillo, Authentic Mexican, Menu (V) [N]

EJI’s, American, Menu, online ordering https://foodtruck.pub/?id=5036

Food Music Life, Italian American Fusion, Menu

Foreign Policy, International, Menu

Fork and Truck, American, Menu

Gumbo xPress, Creole, Menu

Happy Endings, Hot dogs/Asian, Menu

Happy Plate Express, American, Menu

Heos Kitchen, Asian/Dumplings, Menu [N]

Herban Frequency, Vegan, Menu

It’s a Wrap, American Fusion, Menu

Jamaica Pon Di Road, Jamaican, Menu

KAOW Asian Fusion, Asian, Menu

Kabob Café on Wheels, Persian/Mediterranean, Menu (H)

Kings Court, American, Menu

Krazy Kreole, Creole, Menu, online ordering www.krazykreole.com

Lunchbox Hippies, American, Menu

Made-in-LA, American West Coast, Menu

Mesquite Wood Fired Pizza, Pizza, Menu

Mobile Mai’s, Vietnamese, Menu

Moon Rooster, Tacos, Menu

Monster Munchies HTX, American, Menu  [N]

Mundy’s BBQ, BBQ, Menu

Muiishi Makkiritos, Asian, Menu

Nola Po Boys, American/Southern, Menu, phone/text ordering 228-224-3795

1P2P Original Tossed Fries, American, Menu

OffBeat Eatz, American/Burgers/Pizza, Menu (V) [N]

Off The Leash Hot Dogs, American/gourmet sausage dogs, Menu (V) [N]

Pak-Man, Pakistani Halal, Menu

Paco Y Nanis, Tex-Mex, Menu

Pho-Jita, Thai/Mexican, Menu (V)

Quaker Steaks, American/Cheesesteaks, Menu

Refill Station, Pizza, Menu – order online https://ordering.app/refillstation/

Rich Boy Po Boy, American/Southern, Menu (V) [N], online ordering,  www.richboypoboy.com

Roco’s Grill & Smokehouse, American, Menu, online ordering https://foodtruck.pub?id=1305

Rolling Republic BBQ, BBQ, Menu

Rolling Pin Street Grill, American, Menu

Sam’Wich, Sandwiches, Menu (H, V)

Seoulside Wings, Asian Fusion/Korean, Menu (V)

Sizzles, American/Burgers, Menu [N]

Smash Potato with a Twist, American, Menu

Smok’d It Up BBQ, BBQ, Dinner Menu – order online https://smokd-it-up-bbq.square.site

Southern Slider Co of TX, American, Menu [N]

Southern Taste, Creole, Menu

Sticky’s Chicken, Asian Fusion, Menu

Stuff’d Wings, American/Wings, Menu

Super Pizza, Menu

Tacos Ole, Latin, Menu

Tasty Treats and Eats, American/Dessert, Menu

Taste of Philly, Cheesesteaks, Menu, phone/text ordering 337-592-0792

Tastey Sinsationz, American, Menu

Tailgate Sliderz, American/Burgers, Menu

Texasiana, Southern, Menu

The Burger Joint, American/Burgers, Menu

The Cuban Spot, Cuban Sandwiches, Menu

The Melt on Wheels, American, Menu

The Sauer Kraut, German, Menu

The Toasted, Salvadoran-American Fusion, Menu (H, V), order online https://thetoasted.square.site

The Waffle Bus, American, Menu

Tierra De Matahuala, Mexican, Menu, phone ordering 713-725-8338

Tu Go Kitchen, Asian, Menu

Wallie’s Seafood, Seafood, Menu [N]

Wokker, Asian Fusion, Menu

Wylie St Tacos, Tex/Mex-Tacos, Menu [N]

Wylie St Eats, American, Menu [N]

Yummy Dog, American/Hot dogs, Menu


Smoothie Strong, Smoothies/Fruit bowls, Smoothie Menu/Bowl Menu,

A&K Cakes, Desserts, Menu

Angie’s Cake, Cake balls

BC Co Fancy Snowballs, Snow cones/Coffee, Menu

Berry’s Ices, Ices, Menu, order online www.berry-ices.com

Boyce Kids Ice Cream, Ice Cream

Color Cone, Ice cream/shakes, Menu

The Cool Bus, Snow Cones/Ice Cream

Cupcake and a Smile, Cupcakes, Menu

The Dough Cone, Ice cream

KICPOPS, Ice cream bars

Ice Cream with a Twist, Ice Cream/Novelties, Menu

Mary Had a Little Party, Desserts/Ice Cream, Menu

Maui Wowi, Shaved Ice, Menu

Mister Softee, Soft serve ice cream, Menu

Moooseum, Ice cream/slushies, Menu, phone/text order 713-515-0063

Shake It Up, Shakes, Menu

Snow and Spoon, Shaved Ice Cream, Menu

Tikis Shaved Ice and Ice Cream, snow cones/ice cream, Menu

Uncle Louie G’s Italian ice, Ices, Menu

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