Wild West


Mobile Cuisine

We are pleased to provide mobile cuisine vendors for Friday and Saturday during open hours. Additional information http://wildwesthouston.com


*Menus can change, remember to check at the vendor for any updates or specials being offered.

(H-Halal options, V-Vegetarian options) 


Service times:

  • Fridays - 8pm-2am
  • Saturdays - 8pm-2am

Food Trucks:


8/2 - Eaker BBQ, BBQ, Menu

8/3 - Garden of Eat'n, American/Southern, Menu

8/9 - Southern Taste, Creole, Menu

8/10 - 1P2P, American, Menu

8/16 - American Lobster and Seafood, Seafood, Menu

8/17 - Eaker BBQ, BBQ, Menu

8/23 - Foreign Policy, International, Menu

8/24 - 1P2P, American, Menu 

8/30 - 1P2P, American, Menu

8/31 - Foreign Policy, International, Menu


Interested in providing feedback for future mobile cuisine vendors? Please take the survey - https://kwiksurveys.com/s/YFqzWK4k