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Mobile Cuisine

We are pleased to provide mobile cuisine vendors for this office building. Vendors will be present on Thursdays.

Temporary schedule - starting on MAY 28, food trucks will be onsite on MON-THU for lunch service.


The following mobile cuisine vendors are scheduled from 11a-2p:


*Menus can change, remember to check at the vendor for any updates or specials being offered.

(H-Halal options, V-Vegetarian options) 



8/19 – 7a-10:30a - Coffee Q, Coffee/American, Menu

8/19 – 11a – 2p - Garden of Eat'n, American/Southern, Menu (V, P)

8/20 - It's a Wrap, American Fusion, Menu

8/21 - Bowled Up, Asian/Pacific Rim, Menu (V)

8/22 - Eaker BBQ, BBQ, Menu

8/23- Wylie St Tacos, Tex/Mex-Tacos, Menu


Interested in providing feedback for future mobile cuisine vendors? Please take the survey - https://kwiksurveys.com/s/YFqzWK4k

Special Requests

Send your request - catering, group, or pre-ordering. Form also available from CBRE management office

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Catering or group ordering

Need to request a special or group order from a vendor?

Send an email to MCS to facilitate your request with a vendor.

Submit the vendor, date and time needed, and your group order details.

Please submit at least 24 hours before scheduled service.